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My signature Is a glowing smiley face because I love making people happy. When it comes to glass the possibilities are endless. I can make anything from Xmas ornaments, Glassware, Ballpoint pens, Sculptures and Jewelry.  If you can dream it I can make it out of glass (or at least I'll try anything once). I also design 3D Models and print them out in UV and Glow! I used my first 3D printer in 2006 while taking engineering classes at East Carolina University.  Call for more info/pricing. 

Contact Info
Phone-------- (252) 349-7705
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In the dark!

3D Printed Earrings


Glass that transforms in the blacklight!

Hi, My name is Bob and I have been making Glass art since July 15, 2009.  Here at Glowin' Glass our art is designed to look amazing good in many different layers of light.  For example, our art looks one way in the sunlight, one way under a blacklight and yet another way in the dark!  We take into account all of the different kinds of lighting our customers experience in life and design our pieces for a one of a kind glass art experience!